About Us

Established in 1982 as an architectural project office, AK Mimarlık announced its name in its own region in a short period of time as "the office that reached the most accurate solutions in the shortest time possible".

Until 1987, the stability of the experience of 5 years of intensive project has provided the knowledge base for the following years as well as a solid foundation for the implementation of the project as a construction firm in terms of market conditions.

Various small scale contracting works between 1987 and 1989 have enabled us to develop as a comprehensive project - construction undertaking company in the name of AKMİMARLIK ENGINEERING and CONSTRUCTION LIMITED COMPANY.

From 1989 to the present day, giant undertakings that have achieved many important projects with researchers, developers, dynamic technical staff with an understanding of keeping quality first in product and service, paying attention to customer satisfaction, considering them as a partner and contributing to change and development .

Our company has adopted an understanding that responds to customers' expectations in their work, focuses on projects from nearby windows, and sometimes opens up the horizon that completely replaces them, but keeps changing them while doing so. Establishing mutual trust, staying away from prejudices and continuing service after commitment, solid relationships we established with our customers have laid the foundation of friendships which have not deteriorated even years later.

We continue to build contemporary constructions without compromising the quality of our products and services by applying the advanced construction techniques used in the leading countries of the world with the strength we have received from you, the researcher and the developmental spirit, as measured by the economy.